Sunday, February 16, 2020

Storybook Plan

I think for my storybook I am going to make it animals of Africa-ish themed and try to retell stories from the Ramayana and Mahabharata but using different animals that you would find in Africa. I think by doing this maybe I think I would use the stories that include the celestial weapons in them. These stories would come from the Ramayana. As far as perspective I think I am going to use a third person omniscient story teller, maybe like Rafiki from The Lion King type deal. I'm not exactly sure what main lessons I want my stories to have. I think that I will write them like those little stories that you read when you're kids where each story has its own little life lesson.
African animals vector illustration
Assorted animals of Africa

Comment Wall

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Welcome to the Cool Comment Wall

Biography Week 5

One of my earliest childhood memories that I can remember vividly is my experience learning to ride a bike without training wheels. When I was younger my family used to live in an apartment complex and all of the kids that I used to hang out with me were maybe a year or two older than me, around 6 or 7 years old. I was still in preschool at the time. When all the other kids were playing outside and riding their bikes around without training wheels I couldn't and 5 year old me felt excluded. I remember my mom  helping me taking them off and holding me up as I tried to learn. I also remember riding into a car and probably leaving a scratch. Eventually I just told her to let go and went for it. I did learn that day and it is one of my first accomplishments.

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Little kid with a bike that looks like mine

Microfiction Week 5

Left an exile. Came back King.

This story is the closest synopsis I could make of The Lion King. I have been writing a lot about lions so I figured the Lion King would be a good story that everybody knows.

Girl sacrifices herself for her dad. Proves she can do what any man can.

Keeping with the theme of Disney movies I wanted to summarize Mulan in two sentences.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Reading Notes: Ramayana C

This week I focused more on my project of writing about the weapons in the Ramayana.

One of the best examples of this is in Vali's Death. Bows are a very dominant trope in the stories and in this story. Bows are used a lot in slaying and defense. Snakes are also a very common theme and are usually portrayed as evil. In this case we see a snake-like arrow being shot from a bow. 

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The Death of King Vali

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Feedback Strategies

The two articles I read are Be A Mirror and How to Give Bad Feedback Without Being a Jerk. I chose the first article because, honestly, I didn't know what being a mirror meant and I wanted to know more about what the article could possibly be about. This article talked about the five different qualities of feedback that people with a growth mindset have. Being a mirror involves giving feedback in a way that promotes these 5 qualities.

The second article that I read is about how to give negative feedback without sounding like a jerk. This is something that I struggle with and I either sound too mean or I just neglect to mention the negatives. I think the biggest point is that you need to explain why you are giving feedback. If people understand that you are trying to better them they will be more willing to accept it and not look down upon you.

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Being a mirror
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Topic Research: The Weapons of the Ramayana


The weapons of the Ramayana that I have encountered so far have really fallen into two categories. These are the "mortal weapons" like the bow and arrow that was used or "celestial weapons" that the gods used. Whenever times get really tough Rama seems to draw upon a celestial weapon to do a lot of damage.

When looking more into these celestial weapons I learned that each deity has a different celestial weapon that they are associated with. Here are three examples of this.

The Trishula: The trishula is a trident that is wielded by Shiva the Destroyer and is said that it can not be stopped by anybody but Shiva himself.

The Manavastra: This weapon is commonly wielded by Manu and was used by Sri Rama on the demon Maricha. We have already seen Maricha in theses epics taking the form of a golden deer to lure Rama out of hiding.

The Gada: The gada is a mace that Hanuman carries. This weapon is particularly interesting to me as it is one of the most recognizable weapons in Hinduism. You see it in basically every picture of Hanuman, resting on his shoulder. Interestingly, I never actually knew what it was called but the word "Gada" in Telugu, the language I speak basically means lump so I thought this was a fun little connection. 

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Lord Hanuman with his mace
Source: Flickr